Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Love..........| Jennifer V Designs | Toledo, OH

I recently came across the store, Dovecote, while searching on the web.  The store's owner is originally from Toledo and her father and my husband work together.  The store looks absolutely amazing and I would love, love, love to go there some time! While window shopping on the store's website, I noticed these fabulous trees.

I decided to call Dovecote and see if they sell them.  The lady I spoke with said they do, but they couldn't ship.  So after no luck googling a place to purchase one online, I called a local florist and to my surprise, they had never heard of it, but said they would try to get one in for me.

So, they called me and said they had gotten the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in.  I stopped by yesterday and picked it up and love it!! The best part about this tree is that it's suppose to be an easy tree to grow, not requiring much water! That should be easy for me, as I don't have a green thumb!

My original intent was to purchase this tree and keep it in my home until summer and transfer it up to my cottage, but I'm loving it so much and have decided I need a second one to flank the other side of this cupboard in my kitchen!

I'm hoping  the local florist will get some more in soon and I'm hoping this tree is as easy to take care of as they say!


  1. Love it, Jen! Would love to find one for my home!

  2. J- so jealous ;) i asked around last year for a fig tree (any kind) to no avail... infact, was even told i would never get ahold of one where we live. you have given me new hope with this pic! thanks!!

  3. Nikki -
    I had looked around and tried to find one to order online with no luck, so I was beyond excited when I got this!! Good luck and I want to come check out the home you're renovating and any newly finished projects at your home!!

  4. Hi Jen, I'm in the Toledo area as well, could you tell me which florist you were able to get a fiddle-leaf fig from? Thanks!