Friday, February 4, 2011

Chair Makeover | Jennifer V Designs | Toledo, OH

This summer I put my dad on a mission to find  a chair for my entryway.  My entryway way is tough, because it's not big enough for a console table or chest.  Everything I've placed there just didn't fit right. I decided  I wanted an upholstered chair for super cheap, so I could redo it.  Buying a brand new chair just wasn't an option because I was trying to do it on a very small budget.  Well, my dad found the perfect chair for this spot.  In fact, he got 2 identical chairs for $35.  The chairs were beyond ugly and dirty when he brought them to me, but I loved the design.  I knew the curved back would fit nicely in the corner where I wanted to place it.

I decided to paint the wood, as it felt too heavy for that space.   So I painted it, and then decided it needed some aging, so a friend of mine gave me some metallic paint that I rubbed on with a cloth and I loved the result.

After I painted the wood on the chair, I took it to a local upholstery shop. I wanted a neutral fabric that would be timeless, especially if I decided to use it somewhere else down the road (which I tend to move things around a lot!!)  I got a steal on the fabic because it was left over from a big job the upholstery shop had completed.

Here is how the chair turned out, and I couldn't be happier!! It's the perfect fit for the corner in my entryway.

The next project I would like completed is painting the staircase.   It's still stained the same color as our old floor color and I hate it with our dark floors.  I think painting it will really lighten up the space.  Once that's done, most of the renovations in my home will be complete!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks great! You're always so creative and talented!

  2. I love it! I can't believe the transformation! You are talented.

  3. Jenny, Our staircase is the same color and we just redid our floors so I am interested in what you do.... I'll stay tuned=)