Sunday, January 30, 2011

DIY Art | Jennifer V Designs | Toledo, OH

A wall in my dining room has been empty for a while now, and the emptiness was starting to bother me.  So I decided to do some DIY art for the wall.  I had seen a post from Pure Style Home blog about framing Leonardo DaVinci prints, so I decided to explore!

Here is what the empty dining room wall looked like before:

 I went to Barnes & Noble one day and browsed through the art books and decided that the Leonardo's Notebooks was just right for my dining room.  The sketches were the perfect colors to match the Thibaut Orissa Fabic in Aqua that was used for my drapes.

So I cut out my favorite sketches from the book and decided I wanted square frames for the dining room wall.  I ordered the frames from here and picked them up the other day and put them together myself.

And here's the dining room wall after:

Here's a close up of the DIY art:

The dining room is still a work in progress, as I am not fond of the light fixture and would like to change it out with a chandelier some time and also mix in some upholstered chairs around the dining room table, but all in time.


  1. Those look AWESOME! Love the colors in your dining room!

  2. Great idea Jenny. My dining room wall is empty too and I was looking for ideas! Love it.